With a new location opening, the Jovance Salon management team wanted to launch the business with an updated brand look and feel.  We started by learning more about what their customers wanted, then designed their website, collateral, and promotional marketing to announce their big day!

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Here's a showcase of some of our latest work. Feel free to browse through, and hope you enjoy.

Jovance Barbering

A sub-brand of Jovance Salon, our challenge was to create the look and feel, logo, and collateral for the barbering business. Jovance Barbering messaging consists of adjectives such as:  social, wholesome, positive and inspirational. 

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Looking for a digital marketing partner, All Stars Helping Kids wanted to use social media strategies and create digital campaigns to help increase awareness and donations. 

All Stars Helping Kids

A sports nutrition company, Eat 2 Perform needed ModFox as their marketing partner. We oversee their website, Google Ads, social media and content creation. 

Eat 2  Perform

Looking to refine their website and make it more user-friendly, the team at Blackberry Soul turned to us for help. They wanted to increase brand awareness, increase retail sales, and tap into a new market. 

Blackberry Soul

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A startup based in Silicon Valley wanted to know if a particular audience would be interested in their platform and how they can market to them. We conducted extensive market research to come up with brand positioning, segmentation, and marketing mix for their chosen target segments. 

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Our repertoire of clients

We've worked with a number of clients, across various industries. Here are a few to note.

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