We want to help you take your business to the next level by providing affordable packages to help you at any stage of your business. Whether you are just starting or are a total #girlboss, Mod Fox is here to take digital marketing off your plate.

In our experience, we have helped grow communities by more than 20% in the first 3 months across media streams. Our Mod Fox team has specialized in identifying monetization opportunities and generated new revenue streams for bloggers. 

We get it, you are a go-getter who is looking to accomplish your goals and aren’t quite sure what’s missing. No worries! 

Our affordable packages are your next step to finally reaching your dreams.

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 Calling all bloggers and social media influencers! These packages are all about YOU! 

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This package is great for: Those new to blogging

Blogger Starter Pack

Congratulations! You are here, finally making the step toward your dreams (Happy dance!) but... you have no idea how to start.

We’ve got you covered! In our Blogger Starter Pack we start with the basics. We start by building you a brand identity that is competitive and strategic.

Then you’re off to makin’ those dreams come true! 

• Brand strategy meeting with our Brand Development Director to go over your "why" and ensure that your mission is being portrayed accurately throughout all channels in four 1-hour sessions. Don’t have a "why"? We will figure it out! :)
• We will go over your current website and help you uncover opportunities to improve the experience for your community.

• Is your overall look and feel a little outdated? No problem! We will work with you in choosing colors, imagery, fonts, messaging and even a new logo! 

• Last and certainly not least, we will create social media covers that reflect your brand new look! This includes Instagram highlight covers and a Facebook cover image!

Package includes

– You are finally ready to turn those dreams into a reality!
– You’re starting from the beginning and need help in building your blogger persona 

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This package is great for: The blogger who needs a design sidekick!


So, you’ve been blogging for awhile and have no idea how to take your business to the next level.

No worries, we have your back! In our The Next Level Package, we step up your website, brand and social media game by giving you a brand fresh up. (Because sometimes, you just need a little touch up!) 

We then analyze your social media channels and develop a plan to optimize these channels to their fullest potential.

• Do you have an established brand but are still missing that push to drive traffic to your website and grow your community? We will help to develop new strategies to grow your business in four 1-hour sessions with our Brand Development Director. We’ll start with ensuring that your messaging is on point! 

• Next, we will work with you on updating your overall look with a brand fresh up. This includes an updated logo, brand palette, fonts and imagery recommendations. 

• To finish up our time together, we will work with you on establishing one of the most important elements to growing your business—building that email list! We will get you set up and develop a personalized strategy for your blog. 

Package includes

– You have been a blogger for awhile but something is not working 

– Your brand update was 5+ years ago 

– Your social media engagement is down

– You want to start monetizing your blog

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This package is great for: Blogger Bosses who want to step up their business model! 


Here it is! The ultimate mic drop! Our Superstar Blogger Package is for the ultimate boss that has been in the blog game for awhile. However, they want to start growing their business by monetizing through more than brand partnerships. (Because how many more Sugar Bear Gummies can one eat?) 

This package gives you the tools you need to build your community even further and grow this part time hustle into a full-on business. 

• You have the email list, but want more! First, we will provide an email assessment for a drip campaign to nurture your email audience. Next, our team will work with you on creating a captivating lead magnet to attract new visitors and grow you list! 

• Oh, you want to attract more visitors to your site? Let us introduce you to our friend, SEO—Search Engine Optimization! We will work with you in developing keyword rich metas and title tags for your website, optimized keywords throughout website and blogs, site structure and readability checks. 

• To wrap up our time together, our Brand Development Director will meet with you to discuss additional monetization opportunities and revenue streams. 

Package includes

– You want to expand your audience beyond your social media channels 

– You're interested in learning NEW ways to monetize your blog aside from brand partnerships

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• Media Kit - 4 pages 
• Landing Pages
• Website Update or Redesign  
• Email Drip Campaign
• Email Sign Up
• Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign 
• E-commerce on your website
• Logo Design

Oh, you want more?



Allow us to help you reach your dreams. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you'd like to talk more about the right package for you—we would love to help you!

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